Musicians send Lexus an improved version of its offensive commercial

Musicians send Lexus an improved version of its offensive commercial


norman lebrecht

November 11, 2014

Watch the anti-classical advert here.

Now watch this.  To the end, please.

lexus ad


  • Hugo Seilern says:

    Absolutely fantastic response!

  • Carlos says:

    I love Lexus cars. That new car looks stunning. But I am afraid to say that if they strive for perfection… Well, that Mozart intro is more “perfection” than all expensive and flashy cars will ever be. Period.

  • sdReader says:

    25 years ago Lexus made beautiful sedans. Now they make ugly SUVs, like all the others.

  • Brian says:

    Perfect response.

  • Timothy Judd says:

    Thank you for bringing this offensive ad to our attention. I believe it highlights the underlying soulless nature of corporate capitalism and also gives us a great excuse to listen to Mozart’s real piano concerto. More thoughts here:

  • Valerie Kraemer says:

    is there a source on the the web where we can learn who the musicians are that made the revision?

  • Anon says:

    The revision is a good start, but it’s too benign. Lexus dealt a mean blow to classical music and it should be squarely reciprocated. Some media smart orchestra or musican or even the ad agency for a competing car company should take this situation and run with it.

    The scenario: young, very cool classical musicians go shopping for a car and what they definitely don’t want is a funky old outdated stuffy Lexus. Lexus should be portrayed exactly as how they tried to show classical musicians – very undesirable.

    What car company is Lexus’ top competitor? An orchesta should approach that company to fund an ad campaign which will promote the image of their car by using classical musicians positively. And then smear Lexus as something these very cool musicians would NEVER drive. It’s good marketing and it’s just rewards for Lexus’ offensive ad.

  • Peter Donohoe says:

    If we make a habit of getting mad every time some moronic marketing department does something like this, we will end up gibbering wrecks. Having said that, it has to be said that whoever thought this cheap, mindless, garbage up has reached a new low.

    Objectively, however, it is not that marketing departments produce crap that is the real problem; they only produce it because it works. This pathetic ad will probably increase sales of the Lexus NX; therein lies the real problem.

    We have a Lexus RX, and indeed its predecessor was also a Lexus. We were thinking of replacing it soon with either another Lexus or a different hybrid environmentally friendlier vehicle.

    That this ad has determined for us that it will definitely now not be a Lexus will sadly not make any difference to the prevailing wind, which is that cool people turn their backs on nerdy music and are into vacuous, repetitive, moronic nothingness, that make nursery rhymes seem complex. And, of course, that the same people who find classical music uncool, boring, nerdy and stuffy, drive Lexae.

    As I fit into that group of nerds and losers who live for classical music, it will fit my image not to drive a Lexus, so indeed I will not be doing.