Mozart’s head fetches $350,000

Mozart’s head fetches $350,000


norman lebrecht

November 20, 2014

Sotheby’s ‘unseen’ Mozart (first seen on Slipped Disc) sold today at the low end of the auction house’s estimate, making £218,000.


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  • Gerhard says:

    Quite opposite to your report this picture has been exhibited for years at the Augsburg Mozarthaus. There are descriptions of it in publications by Maximilian Zenger and Otto Erich Deutsch among others. Big claims like “first seen on Slipped Disc” would be a lot more impressive if one could trust that the facts have been checked.

    • Prewartreasure says:

      Gerhard, apologies for clipping your triumphalism, but if you go back to the original posting (3/10/14) you’ll see it was the good doctor (Stephen Roe) who, if you are correct, caused the error in the first place, prompting Norman to state: “….A portrait of Mozart, never seen in public before, is coming up for auction next month…..” Gettit?

      So, “…….Sotheby’s ‘unseen’ Mozart (first seen on Slipped Disc)…..” (above) is correct, because that WAS the first time it was seen on Slipped Disc.

      It’s Norman’s blog, but I’m ‘Fairness Monitor’ this week!

  • Terence says:

    Well, I hadn’t seen it. So perhaps the headline should read “Unseen by Terence”?

    I agree Gerhard, not so impressive – but accurate.