Malta’s star tenor gets his car stolen

Malta’s star tenor gets his car stolen


norman lebrecht

November 09, 2014

Joseph Calleja, who appears in upbeat tourism ads for his island, has reported the theft of his car in the generally law-abiding resort.

calleja car

Here’s the message:

Ok I need some help from my fellow Maltese. If anyone sees a Mitsubishi Pajero, 2001 Model picture attached, please contact the police or myself on this page. Please share if possible and thank you all so much in advance.


  • John Daszak says:

    What is really sad about this, is the fact that we have now come to a situation where a “star tenor” can only afford a Mitsubishi Pajero from 2001!!….Book Price £1000….

    Joking…obviously! Hope they find it….

  • Ruth Frances says:

    Well, I can tell you that one of Australia’s ‘star’ baritones can only afford a very, very old Fairlane……

  • Michael Endres says:

    Terribly sad story.

  • Simon S. says:

    OT question: I have long time been wondering how Mr. Calleja himself pronounces his surname. English? Spanish? Or some Maltese pronounciation? (How?)

    Anybody here to help me?

  • Heldentenor says "No To A Corrupt Malta!" says:


    When will Calleja – Malta’s cultural ambassador – issue a statement to criticise the Malta Labour Party’s government who is rapidly turning Malta into China’s trojan horse in Europe? In less than two year in office, corruption, cronyism, threats on democracy have exploded. Semi-illiterate, incompetent people are now inhabiting the country’s art boards and organisations – sometimes even heading them. The arts are now the pits!

    25 years of democratic bliss shattered by a party that still struggles with the concept of democracy and whose political benchmark is still that horrible dictator, Dom Mintoff.

    Calleja, it is very unwise to get cosy with these people – you’ll be their puppet in no time. What is making you so impassible about what’s happening in your country and the way fellow artists based in Malta are suffering? Is it the fact that the government sponsors those populist ‘Pavarotti and Friends-style’ concerts in Malta? Calleja, get real and speak about the real Malta not the idealised version, so dear to the present government, that you refer to.

    Do people only see fit to disrupt concerts by Israeli musicians even when these are not involved in politics? Is the sufferance of a small nation that doesn’t make the headlines insignificant to the rest of Europe?

  • Heldentenor says "No To A Corrupt Malta!" says:

    — Lapdogs of Malta’s new Azerbaijan / China-styled ‘positive thinking’ government —

    Calleja is very lucky that Malta still has the internet to help him with his search. The Malta Labour Party’s government and cronies are trying to censor it and anything or anyone that shed any light on what really is happening over there (the over-the-top, feel-good Air Malta adverts in which Calleja features are symptomatic of dictatorial states). Maltese journalists happily self-inflict silence except some who rip it all out at the expense of being ganged up, threatened, mocked and insulted. Luckily some people fight back.