Just in: Bayreuth fires ‘Nazi-theme’ director

Jonathan Meese has been booked for Parsifal in 2016.

He’s notorious for flashing swastikas and Hitler salutes.

Last summer he promised not to do so at Bayreuth.

But they fired him anyway today. Financially unviable, apparently.




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  • It has become a tired cliché to sport swastikas and hitler salutes at German iconic locations… as if the nazis are still around and have to be nailed to the wall. Boring, puerile, cheap, trivial, in short: KITSCH.

    This director is nothing more than the juvenile neo-nazi hooligans – the kitschy, wanton remnants of sixties adolescent protest – with the difference that these never go to a Bayreuth production. Also, the ‘bourgeois audiences’ that ‘supported Hitler’ are since long dead. Bayreuth was right to get rid of such quasi-artists who seem not to be able to find something to say, and thus resort to such clichées.

    These sort of ‘protest gestures’ have become petrified in the modern cultural establishment, and are in fact more reactionary and bourgeois than the imagined audiences to which such gestures are directed.

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