Just in: Bayreuth calls in ex-Cologne boss to steer a safe Parsifal

Katharina Wagner has appointed Uwe Eric Laufenberg, the overspending former intendant of Cologne, to direct Parsifal in 2016.

She had previously fired Jonathan Meese, over alleged budgetary concerns.

It’s a fantasy world, Bayreuth.

jonathan meese

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  • I hope Kathy won’t try to tell us she has not negotiated with Laufenberg before firing Meese.

    Apart from that, Laufenberg has been treated with great unfairness in Cologne and is now doing a good job in Wiesbaden.

  • Cologne has lost several intendants over the cities brutal cuts in arts funding. Laufenburg simpLy tried to maintain the standards of the first class company Cologne was by the only means possible: deficit spending.

    There is no irony here in his being hired for Bayreuth.

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