Give this music PR an award

Whoever’s doing media for the previously unprepossessing conductor Gianandrea Noseda should be up for a Christmas bonus.

First, they used the desperate New York Times – without a music exclusive all year – to splash a thin story about his threatened walkout from Torino. Then, along with various other soft plants, they splashed the balding maestro across the glossies.

Here’s Gianni in the new Vanity Fair, no less.

In some kind of violin-shop-cum-delicatessen.


photo (c) Nigel Parry

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  • Noseda – unprepossessing? You’re serious? He’s electric! And his 2006 Beethoven download project with the BBC Phil was ground-breaking.

  • Oh here we go again Norman. The mix of the personal gratuitous insult with candy floss writing- but isn’t that why we read you? Anyway I’ve only heard Noseda on radio and it was marvellous. His early Schibert 9 with BBCPO was incredible,like early Muti. This guy is good.

  • Norman, that interview with Maestro Chailly was excellent. You deserve a Christmas bonus for that. Please do more.

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