Georgian wins meat-free piano competition

The winner of the International Franz Liszt Competition at Utrecht, Netherlands, is Maria Batashvili, 21, a student at Weimar.

The contest was disrupted by menu changes demanded at the canteen by the visiting British pop star, Morrissey.

mariam batashvili2


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  • Hi Norman, it seems the correct spelling is Mariam Batsashvili. Anyway, congratulations to Mariam, and perhaps she’ll enjoy a celebratory steak!

  • Great Stuff ! Now what? More Liszt recordings ( there are more than 130 of the B minor sonata) ? Booked at major concert halls in Europe?

  • It’s curious that comments regarding the very heart of this post (the “meatless” drama) appear to have been deleted.

    If the comments regarding that aspect of the article are gone for some reason, shouldn’t maybe the entire post have at least its subject changed to reflect this? I mean, if you don’t want people reacting to the silliness that is Morrissey, then why even mention it and insert a link to more information on it?

    rather than simply deleting this post, it would be more instructive to read N.L.’s rationale.

  • The real and joyful news is that Mariam Batsashvili won this wonderful competition,
    It looks like that a competition without a scandal, is not interesting anymore.
    Must I conclude that Slipped Disc is not interested in the musical character of this event but only wants to underline a “fait divers”?

    That is not the reason I am following Slipped Disc. I regret.

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