Dutch crack the origin of Escher’s impossible stairs


M. C. Escher said in 1963: ‘I cannot help mocking all our unwavering certainties. It is, for example, great fun deliberately to confuse two and three dimensions, the plane and space, or to poke fun at gravity. Are you sure that a floor cannot also be a ceiling? Are you absolutely certain that you go up when you walk up a staircase?’

Solution here (in English).

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  • The string quartet named for this artist is one of the finest playing today. Hearing them brings enormous pleasure in their blend, intonation, ensemble and musicianship.

  • Brilliant artist. And this picture is also beautifully symbolizing the nature of Dutch bureaucracy, where any direction in the process can be reversed, turned upside-down and inside-out (Holland having the greatest number of social servants per capita in Europe).

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