Conductor offers reward for stolen scores

Bramwell Tovey got home from a Remembrance Day concert in Vancouver, Canada, to find that his briefcase, with two batons and a valuable score, had been nicked from his car.

One manuscript contained 30 years worth of conducting notes. The other was an almost-finished string quartet.

He’s offering a reward.

bramwell tovey2

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  • It’s very true. My car was broken into this summer. A phone, an iPod, and some connecting cables were stolen. Even taking into account the damage to a window and a door (the ignorant thieves did not know that you cannot break into a Prius by pulling the lock assembly off), I cannot say how glad I am that they left the scores behind. That loss would have indeed been catastrophic.

    • Argh, these html tags are pretty buggy.
      “Bramwell Tovey is learning a painful lesson that the worst thing a thief can take from a musician is his music.”

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