Boston violinist wins top Korea contest

Luke Hsu, from the New England Conservatory, was declared the runaway winner of Korea’s Isang Yun competition.


The contest is pretty clean. The judges write down their marks. The rules forbid any private discussions between jury members.

Luke says: ‘It has been one of the most grueling, emotional, intense, crazy, inspiring, and rewarding 12 days of my life. ‘


luke hsu certluke hsu

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  • That South Korea has named a competition after one of its best known composers is interesting in light of the fact that the government once kidnapped him in Berlin, tortured him, brought him back to South Korea where they sentenced him to life in prison. Then after releasing him some years later in response to a general outcry, he left South Korea, returned to Berlin and became a German citizen. To claim him as one of your own after what was done to him seems to me just a little bit awkward.

    I wonder if his music is even played in South Korea – and if playing one of his pieces is part of the competition requirements. I strongly doubt the former.

    Anyone know about this?

  • It’s not worth the time …… is nothing
    but another dreary fiddle competition .
    Awkward never enters the picture when national pride is being courted
    amnesia often sets in .

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