Bonn orchestra cancels rehearsals after gruesome murder

More details are emerging of the murder of Kate de Marcken, a concert pianist whose body was found in a forest grave near Bonn. Her husband, arrested in connection with the murder, is reported to have led police to the grave. He has been named as Sergey K. principal cellist of the Beethoven Orchestra in Bonn, which has cleansed its website and cleared its schedules after his arrest.

It has neglected, however, to remove from public view a singularly inappropriate video about passion and its consequences.

Sergey, 54, is reported to have quarreled with his wife over their son’s education. It is claimed that he dug the grave early in the summer. The boy is now in the care of Kate’s family in Belgium.

sergey k



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  • Having previously worked with this orchestra, I feel for all of the Bonn musicians caught up in this horrible tragedy and for the victim’s family. Your article seems to be bordering on click bait though Norman, I’m not sure why this needs to be promoted on your blog and out there in the wider world for all to read…there are plenty of tabloid rags to do that job for you.

  • Once again Slipped Disc resorts to sensationalist and provocative editorial musings. It’s quite insulting and shallow, and the only thing here that is singularly inappropriate is the constantly shoddy reporting and writing. This blog went down the drain a long time ago.

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