Bertelsmann ex-chief (and New York Times director) is jailed

The swashbuckling Thomas Middelhoff got three years for embezzlement, starting now.

A freewheeling thief, he controlled a large chunk of the book and music industries.

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  • He was one of several captains of industry who gave the German business world a reputation for smugness and arrogance, topped perhaps only by Deutsche Bank’s Rolf Breuer, permanently tanned, who regarded most of the assets of his bank’s private customers as nothing more than “peanuts”. Thus have the mighty fallen.

  • Good to read on Slipped Disc, at last, about a middle aged male being jailed for an offence other than indecency!

  • Middlehoff was only one of the many criminals who ran (& robbed) the various Bertelsmann divisions, under the unwatchful gaze of the truly inept & incapable Mohn family – who had far more money than brains. Many of us observed in horror when Bertelsmann purchased RCA Red Seal (renaming it BMG Classics), only to pummel the world’s greatest catalog of recorded music into obscurity under the “leadership” of such nincompoops as Michael Dornemann, Rudi Gassner, and the hopelessly retarded Gunter Hensler. And they, in turn, hired idiots from wine, Coca-Cola & yogurt companies to “market” classical music. In 1996, BMG Classics caved-in under the weight of its collective stupidity, the afore-mentioned names were eventually dismissed, the classical division was shrunk into a tiny department, and that great catalog has now vanished into the folds of Sony.

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