Barenboim: ‘I fell in love with La Scala sound’

The departing principal conductor had no regrets in his farewell press conference in Milan after nine ‘wonderful’ years. ‘I have to say very simply: I fell in love with that which I heard,’ he said.

He impressed on Pope Francis this month ‘the very urgent need to find a solution’ in the Middle East and will devote his spare energies to the West-Eastern Diwan Academy that he is opening in Berlin.

And then there’s the Berlin Philharmonic, where a vacancy looms…

barenboim german cross

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  • Too old to be appointed chief conductor of Berliner Philarmoniker. He had his chance when Rattle was appointed, now it’s too late. If Berliners had to appoint a 70 something conductor, then it will be Mariss Jansons.

  • They may like Thielemann in certain core repertoire works but he has very limited repertoire abilities, a really terrible personality (just ask the Dresden orchestra where he is at present) and will certainly not take on the tasks(education Programme etc:) whch a modern Music director is expected to do. Don’t Discount Chailly in the BPO choice…..

    • Come on, Thielemann almost has the job already. He has created competition to the BPO by hijacking Salzburg with the Dresden orchestra. I’m sure they will ask him.

    • Yes I agree, but that principle was already followed unfortunately when they chose Karajan…

      I think Harding would be wonderful too (as a musician) but he’s too young still, maybe next round.

    • I think Fischer is an excellent conductor, and I have actually started systematically collecting his recordings with the BFO, but his style of music making really has next to nothing to do with Furtwängler’s.

    • I know a number of players in Dresden, and they don’t generally have a problem with T-man at all. He can be a little difficult, but then so are many artists and one has t have a strong will and clear concept in a leadership position like that and he is a straight shooter which is basically a Berlin thing, but most of them find that rather refreshing. Plus he knows his stuff.

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