US composer is fighting deportation from Scotland

Steve Forman is a creative percussionist who started out in the Phoenix Symphony Orchestra and went on to become a sought-after session collaborator for the likes of James Taylor, Sarah Vaughn, Pink Floyd, Art Garfunkel and David Bowie.

In 2008, he gave up the studio work and moved to Scotland to develop and record his own diverse scores, and complete his PhD.

Now the UK wants to throw him out.

Forman, 68, has been teaching for the past four years at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland in Glasgow, but does not earn much for his input. The Home Office in London says he needs to show income of £31,000 a year before they will agree to let him stay.

It is one of those absurd situations where a person bringing real benefit to the country falls foul of bureaucratic rigidity.

steve forman



David Gilmour of Pink Floyd says: ‘We need innovators and mentors like him. I find it very odd that he is being faced with being sent back to the US when he clearly has so much to offer the next generation. It is wonderful that he has chosen to channel his unique talent into teaching. His skills and approach are totally his own and as far as I know there is nobody I know of like him teaching rhythm in the UK or even Europe.’

Steve Forman said: ‘Glasgow is heaven for me. It is Valhalla. I’m contributing. I’m not going to cost you a dime. I’ll pay for my own funeral. I just want to keep working. I’m teaching people what I know. All the other guys I worked with are polishing their Mercedes Benz and lounging by the pool. I don’t want to be retired. I want to empower other people.’

If you are Scottish, please email your MP or MSP.


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