Pop news: Morrisey orders lunch for Liszt piano competition

Pop news: Morrisey orders lunch for Liszt piano competition


norman lebrecht

October 29, 2014

Contestants and judges at the International Franz Liszt Competition in Utrecht, Netherlands, came down to lunch to find that meat and fish had been banned from the canteen menu.

The British pop singer Morrisey was due to perform in the venue and he had banned all flesh from the premises.

‘We try to honour our artists’ wishes as much as possible,’ a Tivoli spokesman said.

Honour? This is abject surrender.

The competition jury includes Claire Chevallier, Leslie Howard, Andrea Bonatta, Paul Bodura-Skoda and Fumiko Eguchi. We can hear their hunger from here. Why are pop stars allowed to behave like petty tyrants? Report here.


liszt comp

(reading the revised menu)



(sniffing the gravy)


  • Erwin Poelstra says:

    One of the contestants tried to play “La Chasse” (Paganini/Liszt) that day but he was also immediately interrupted.

  • Anna Gethry says:

    Not eating meat for one day won’t kill anyone, neither will anyone starve if given vegetarian options. I’m not a vegetarian, by the way, just astounded that some people think they will starve if they don’t eat meat at every meal. Morrissey is known for demanding that venues go meat-free when he performs there, and Tivoli knew that when they booked his sold-out show.

  • Will Drach says:

    So what. Big deal. Morrissey is a jerk. Nothing new here.

  • Jonny Cowper says:

    Not serving up animals as food is an entirely reasonable demand. If they want Morrissey to perform at their venue they shouldn’t serve up meat or fish. If they don’t want his business he’ll do his show somewhere else.

  • John Borstlap says:

    More important than the question of vegetarianism is the fact that the wishes of a pop musician are deemed of more consequence than people scraping at classical music. And that in a building originally designed as a concert hall for classical music. Nice demonstration of the current cultural climate in the Netherlands.