Please tell me this is a hoax

Please tell me this is a hoax


norman lebrecht

October 28, 2014

lego auschwitz

Apparently not. It’s the work of Polish artist Zbigniew Libera and it has been exhibited in 2002 at the Jewish Museum in New York.

More here and here.



  • ML says:

    Appalled. (Is it acceptable to leave a response of only one word?)

  • CDH says:

    I also find this item appalling, but I could not find any reference in either of the links to suggest it was a current matter — it all seems at least a dozen years old. Is the set still circulating?

    The endorsement of the Jewish Museum seems to suggest that there may be two ways of looking at this. I find it distasteful; they seem to find it educative.

  • Pirkko says:

    It’s a great piece of conceptual art, because it makes everyone think. But as news this is older than the Old Testament.

    • Hank Drake says:

      The Lego set is a commentary on the banality of evil. One could well imagine, if the Nazis had won WWII, they’d stock this in their toy stores (if they admitted the Holocaust ever took place).

      • Hilary says:

        I suppose it can be read on many levels…also a reflection on the commercialisation of the Holocaust. This is dwelt at length in Norman Finkelstein’s ‘The Holocaust Industry’