Oh, write your own headline…


jamie henderson

Meet Jamie Hutchinson, who lives half a mile up the road and is featured in the local rag.

We like her holiday snap from the Falklands (Malvinas, if you prefer).

The audience has attention span issues. Write a headline that will get them to snap to attention.

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  • “It’s always bloo** the same!!! : Jeremy (Clarkson) messes up, but then it’s for me to patch things up…and I don’t even get to drive the Ferraris. I had to cycle all the way here!!!”…..(look at those stupid birds – they don’t appreciate a thing).

  • Hello Norman! Glad you like my photo from a tour a few years ago, that was quite some trip. I can report that penguins do not like anything played on the G string but love high trills. It’s very funny when they all start flapping their wings simultaneously and it looks like a flock of concertgoers in Black Tie clapping enthusiastically; puts me in mind of Royal Opera House!

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