Maestro moves: A Canadian baton leaves his US orchestra

Jacques Lacombe has done his best with the New Jersey Symphony Orchestra over the past five years. He will tell them today he’s not prepared to renew in 2016.

Lacombe, 51, raised the organisation’s morale after a series of disasters involving dodgy Stradivari and short-stay chief executives. He has been getting better dates in Boston and beyond. Time to move on.

jacques lacombe

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    • Looks as if he leaves on very good terms — nice to see. It is not always thus, especially by recent Slipped Disc accounts.

      Wonderful podium presence. He always seemed utterly engaged.

  • Probably a smart move. I always thought that he had much more interesting ideas than the NJ Symphony would allow him to express. He talked once in an interview about combining pieces in all kinds of thoughtful and unusual ways. Then I look at the orchestra’s calendar and it’s all very standard fare mixed with a heavy dose of pops. We’ll see if his next gig allows him more creativity.

  • Looking for classical music options in NJ, I found this news. Programs of past seasons were not wonderful with this orchestra. Conductors should balance their creativity and stop testing us the audience. I checked next season’s calendar and it looks outstanding and more inviting from my concertgoer point of view. Anyway, it’s good that Lacombe is courageous to move forward too.

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