Look! ‘Fat-pack’ mezzo goes modelling for Vogue

In a studied riposte to the London critics who damned her at Glyndebourne as ‘dumpy’ and worse, the Irish mezzo Tara Erraught has gone walking the catwalks in the new Vogue.

Decked out in Dolce & Gabbana, she tells the fashion rag: ‘I’m a 36DD but that said, 60 per cent of the year I play men and boys because I’m a mezzo-soprano and a lot of older operas were written for castrati… For those, I’m nearly always in a bust-flattener…. I’m so used to being cinched in that I’ve started wearing belts over dresses.’


Screenshot 2014-10-12 12.33.42

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    • Yes, bringing back to memory all the awful ways the artist was called is certainly no wrong doing. And twice, already, by now! Will you exhaust all the quotes by the end of the year?

  • As one who did side with some of what the unkinder critics wrote, I could not be more delighted for Ms. Erraught. That said, I did watch the Rosenkavalier relay and I did agree with Kiri Te Kanawa who, whilst not defending the critics, did blame costume designers for the way some female singers can look ungainly in trousers roles. In The Telegraph she said:

    “She’s the most beautiful little girl but I think she is in a costume disaster . . .”

  • Time will tell, time will tell. But hey, Norm is just the messenger, so as long as he’s referring to sayings by others then he’s safe, right? Which, by the way, is what he does most of the time. Might be that innocent mezzos, unjustly defamed competition jurors and musicians and many others will suffer from such posts, but who cares? Certainly not the dude running this blog.

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