Lang Lang shuts down Steinway Hall

Lang Lang shuts down Steinway Hall


norman lebrecht

October 20, 2014

Message from the man, with video here.

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A very emotional afternoon at the farewell party forSteinway Hall on W. 57th in New York. I’ve spent so much time here over the years, as has almost every great pianist in the last century; unforgettable memories which I’ll always treasure in my heart.


  • Manfred Gerber says:

    The Steinway Hall is for MusicLovers what the White House
    is for US polititians. It is American Heritage. So many billionaires
    there and so little Culture among those.
    In General: WHO will save American MusicLife if even
    the Steinway Hall has to disappear?!

    • Marshall says:

      Sad-but the nature of NYC, which consumes its past as opposed to European cities which preserve it. NYC has unique energy, but it is a cold, hard place, where the dollar has always ruled. So many of the places I enjoyed are gone- I understand stores close etc.but this city must destroy the buildings. I think of the Garnier opera in Paris preserved even after a new one was built-but the old Met had to be destroyed because of $-or my childhood memories of glorious Penn Station .57th street will never be the same, visits to Carnegie will lack something