Just in: Chicago to receive full Klinghoffer broadcast

Just in: Chicago to receive full Klinghoffer broadcast


norman lebrecht

October 24, 2014

The Met won’t air or screen its controversial John Adams opera. So a Chicago radio station has stepped in. Land of the free, &c.

Next Weds Oct. 29 I will be broadcasting the Nonesuch recording of The Death of Klinghoffer on my radio show on WHPK-FM Chicago 12-3PM (Central Time) since the Met Opera will not broadcast it on their radio program or do a live HD screening in the theaters

The show can be heard of the station’s website livestream online at www.whphk.

Someone has to do it.

Sergio Mims


  • May says:

    I really think that the whole circus that surrounds the decision to cancel the broadcasts has much more to do with money than with avoiding controversy. It’s not just the production costs, there was easily a six-figure licensing fee for the publisher. Gelb just saved a few pennies, just in case the box office at the movie theaters didn’t bring in the dollars.

    • Save the MET says:

      Lets call a spade a spade, neither Sirius, nor AMC wanted to broadcast the opera over their network, or on their screens. They let Gelb announce it was his decision, it was not.

    • Susan Trexel says:

      Are you suggesting that the Met did not know about these licensing fees until last summer? Planning for the repertoire to be offered on HD and Sirius begins more than year prior to the beginning of the current season.

      The New York Times cites pressure from several prominent members of the Met board as an important factor in canceling these broadcasts. It is easy enough to deduce that these cancellations constituted a compromise, with the original demand being that the Met remove Klinghoffer from its repertory outright.

  • milka says:

    Save the met; in calling a spade a spade could
    you tell us why…no dancing around .