Just in: Bayreuth raps Thielemann over Alagna

Over the weekend, the conductor Christian Thielemann announced that he was planning a Lohengrin with Anna Netrebko and Piotr Beczala in Dresden and Bayreuth.

This morning, the phone lines went white-hot at Bayreuth.

The dormouse press office has just issued a statement: Not the Polish tenor, apparently.

Alagna’s our Lohengrin in 2018.

Alles klaar?

bayreuth clarificationAlagna 3


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  • Alles klar is the correct spelling in Deutsch -; That said, let’s wait and hear until 2016/17/18. If this Lohengrin issue is the only news concerning Bayreuth, then it is going to be rather boring. I suspect we will be regaled to greater “Buehnenkrach” and scandals once the Bayreuth summer is upon us.

  • Beczala and Netrebko were supposed to be doing it in Dresden but rumours abound that Beczala has been getting cold feet. Watch out also for rumours that the planned Isolde for Thielemann’s new Tristan in Bayreuth in 2015 is due for the chop….

  • there were so many announcements but one should not take this seriously…maybe tomorrow we will hear Tristan und Isolde with Alagna and Netrebko? Why not asking Bartoli do do some Wagner research also and cast her as Ortrud? Wasn’t her Norma enough pain?

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