Here’s one Suzuki never tried…

Here’s one Suzuki never tried…


norman lebrecht

October 28, 2014

The much-loved Dorothy Schnupsky tells Throwcase about her patented teaching method, known as The Job:

‘As musicians, our Job is to play the music as musically as possible. So if you look at things like the notes, and perhaps the dynamics and phrase markings, and basically every other instruction that has been dutifully laid out on paper using a sophisticated and clear system of notation developed over centuries, then your playing will improve. I charge an hourly rate to say this.’

We understand that it helps to play the Dorothy way with tongue firmly planted in left cheek.



  • Mikey says:

    Mind you, this “method” would be totally foreign and alien to Mark O’Connor. In his opinion, playing what’s written on the paper is a defect. Only his way of improvising and “improving” what is written has any value.
    After all, he’s an expert in “Classical American music”: bluegrass, jazz, folk, fiddle, and pop.