Government orders opera to stage Carmen

The Government of West Australia has instructed its health protection agency to lift the ban on the state opera’s Carmen. The intervention follows an international outcry over political correctness and creeping censorship.

All sorted? No.

These things are not adjusted by order. Perth has been added to our watchlist as an odd climate for opera.

eno carmen

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  • Except it wasn’t at all ‘political correctness’, was it? It was a misguided and inappropriate attempt to enforce a health campaign. PC is such a lazy label. And whatever it is that people think it means, this wasn’t it.

  • For me ‘poltical correctness’ means pathetic, wrong-headed decisions – taken not for their own sake, but with a view to be “seen to be doing something good”. As such, this case fits the bill perfectly. There was no need whatsoever to cancel this production, and Chard should resign in shame.

    • Not only Chard, but her weak artistic director, who would agree with anything to keep his job (as he did to get it).

  • Interesting that people noticed the smoking rather than the fact that a man who can’t take a no kills the female protagonist …

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