Gergiev’s new protégé is 13 years old

Meet Alexander Malofeyev, winner of the 2014 Tchaikovsky Competition for Young Musicians.

He is booked to play with Valery Gergiev at the Mikkeli Festival next summer and is being further mentored by Denis Matsuev.

alexander malof

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  • I would not call Alexander Malofeyev a “protégé”. Valery Gergiev is known for his support of young artists, e.g. already in the beginning of his own career he had concerts with Repin, Vengerov and Kissin. The Mariinsky Concert Hall now enables him to invite young talents, either for solo recitals or as soloists with his Mariinsky Orchestra. Apart from Alexander Malofeyev there are two more pianists, who were invited to St. Petersburg : Daniil Kharitonov and Alexander Kutuzov. Because Kharitonov will take part in the Tchaikovsky Competition (and the winners will play in Mikkeli immediately after the competition), Gergiev opted for Malofeyev – a major talent.

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