First videos of the St Louis concert protest over Michael Brown killing

First videos of the St Louis concert protest over Michael Brown killing


norman lebrecht

October 07, 2014

The singing by demonstrators against the police killing of a black young man took place as performers assembled on stage for a performance of Brahms Requiem. The singing in the protest was both musical and coherent. All the protesters were ticket-paying concertgoers. There were no arrests. The protest was both peaceful and poignant.


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  • Dave T says:

    This is no different– and certainly no better– than the anti-Israel disrupters at performances of Israeli artists at various British venues last year. On the contrary, at least the Israel haters were protesting– highly misguidedly, unjustly, and inappropriately– against “representatives” of their enemy. The SLSO, OTOH, had no connection whatsoever with the Brown killing in the St. Louis suburb.

    In neither case are such “demonstrations” appropriate to a concert hall– or any other such venue. In neither case are the performers (the ones on the front stage, that is) responsible for the bullies’ (the audience sign wavers, singers, shouters, etc) grievances. The audience most certainly is not. Their musicality, poignancy, coherence, or ticket-buying have nothing to do with it.

    Like with the anti-Israel goons, if they have something to say, take it outside.

  • William Safford says:

    It’s too bad they left after intermission. I’m sure they missed a lovely performance of the Brahms German Requiem.