Record news: DG/Decca get wiped out at Edison Awards

Record news: DG/Decca get wiped out at Edison Awards


norman lebrecht

October 22, 2014

The awards season has hit Holland, and it seems they’re shutting out the major labels.

DG comes in with one modernist curiosity and Decca with one artist (pictured) who has since left them.

Curiously, the jury is  chaired by a former Universal executive, Stef Collignon.

Read the list here. In Dutch.


UPDATE: DG have found a bonus entry – archived Boulez, in the historical category.


  • Anon says:

    Kaufmann’s Wagner disc is a Decca release, so that’s one to them (and not DG)
    And DG has Boulez Complete Edition and Hannigan/Salonen et al Dutileux, which is two.

    Shutting out the majors? Of 24 nominations, 3 are Sony, 2 for Warners, and 3 are Universal, so a third of the total. There is a minimum of one major label nomination in every category except choral.
    (6 nominations for the home-grown Challenge label, and the largest number to Harmonia Mundi)
    I’m sure we’d all expect that the chair of the jury would not unduly influence the appearance of recordings from his or her former label associations, so I don’t see the curiosity here.