Cecilia Bartoli: Sack the bosses at Rome Opera

Cecilia Bartoli: Sack the bosses at Rome Opera


norman lebrecht

October 20, 2014

The diva has pitched in on the simmering crisis in her home town. Rome Opera has fired its orchestra and chorus and is looking to make ad hoc arrangements. Cecilia says they fired the wrong guys. Get rid of the politicians, she recommends, bring back Riccardo Muti and put competent artists in charge.

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  • Edgar Brenninkmeyer says:

    I hope Cecilia Bartoli refrains from such openness in respect to the politician (yes, in sigular!) who keeps the Mariinskij Opera Company afloat – it is in the library there that she uncovered the treasures of many Italian composers which she now has released on a new album, and which she would like to perform all over the country, traveling by train all the way to Wladiwostok (as per interview with BBC Worldservice, heard on October 19). That said, I would concur with her comments as far as Italy goes. Much of Italian culture has gone down the drain during the ghastly Berlusconi years, and I am not so sure whether there are billionaires cultured enough to look after their nation’s cultural legacy instead of their own pockets….

  • william osborne says:

    Muti has made strong statements against cuts in cultural funding in the past, such as with the link below, but I wonder why he isn’t being more active in supporting the musicians in this current situation. He shouldn’t just turn his back from the safe distance of Chicago. Or have I missed something?


  • Tristan says:

    she should run the opera instead of keep singing Norma…..

  • milka says:

    He conducts Chicago where it suits his part time life style and where the $$$ is good and very little hassle..not like Italy..
    …he is no dummy …as are the
    Chicago symphony crowd who hired
    him and believe he is more than
    just another high paying part time job
    opportunist .