Bartoli bursts the pop charts in 7 countries

Stats just in show that Cecilia Bartoli’s recording of lost arias from the Tsars’ dungeons is promising to be the classical bestseller of the year.

Just shows what can be done when a major star thinks outside the box.

Take a look at these rankings:

bartoli St--Petersburg--Teaser



Pop chart: No.10


Classical chart: No.1

Pop chart: No.7


Classical chart: No.1

Pop chart: No.12


Classical chart: No.1

Pop chart: No.13


Classical Chart: No.2

Pop chart: No.40


Pop chart: No.33


Pop chart: No.18


Classical Chart: No.1

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  • She has never thought outside the box
    it is always the same mad chirping
    that first brought her fame .She knows
    quite well what type audience applauds wildly
    for the usual freak show of fairly accurate
    singing at fast tempos . She really belongs in a circus . I think I’ve given
    her a new venue , just imagine her swinging back and forth chirping away like a mad canary .They already have
    violinists doing it. As for the charts,the
    number of records sold would be
    of mild interest .There was a Florence
    Foster Jenkins who chirped like mad
    who also filled the concert hall .

  • As a performing musician myself, i believe that CB is one of the finest performing musicians – not just singers – of the last two decades plus.

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