Atlanta: mediators fly home, musicians and audience head upriver

Atlanta: mediators fly home, musicians and audience head upriver


norman lebrecht

October 26, 2014

Two federal mediators who were seeking an end to the Atlanta Symphony lockout left town this weekend, according to a site that uncritically reports the views of the Woodruff Arts Center and the orchestra management. There are no plans at present for talks to resume. The WAC has given the musicians a Monday deadline to accept its demand for a smaller orchestra or face a winter on the streets.

Meantime, musicians and music lovers are seeking their own ways out – and that means out of town.

Quite a few Alanta patrons, we hear, drove up this weekend to hear the Chattanooga Symphony, which had four ASO players deputising happily on stage.


atlanta violinist

pictured: Atlanta Symphony Orchestra violinist Raymond Leung hangs with Chattanooga Symphony & Opera violinists Anne Moore Hendrix and Alex Alexandra Lennon Ricks

h/t: Holly Mulcahy


  • Sarah says:

    Well of COURSE it’s going to be “uncritical” – the AJC is controlled by the same family who has a member who is a “Director Emerita” of the WAC. It’s similar to having the publisher of the (Mpls) StarTribune on the Board of the MN Orchestra.