Violinist plays Vivaldi suspended in mid-air

Violinist plays Vivaldi suspended in mid-air


norman lebrecht

September 03, 2014

Meet the acrobatic, gravity-defying Janice Martin.

The Vivaldi kicks in at 3:25.
janice martin


  • Halldor says:

    This is impressive, but not a patch on the Birmingham Opera Company’s 2012 production of Stockhausen’s “Mittwoch aus Licht”, during which a cellist, a flautist, a trombonist, a violinist, and numerous other musicians (most notably the tuba player Ian Foster) each played lengthy unaccompanied Stockhausen solos while suspended from the roof of a warehouse in Digbeth.

  • Milkaa says:

    If only she could find a fit place for
    a broom she could also sweep the
    floors ,poor Vivaldi now a circus act.
    Seems most present day violinists
    treat the violin as a circus act .. now if she could play Dance of the Goblins
    a fiddlers calling card, it would
    be a worthwhile act .

  • musician says:

    You have got to be kidding? What next? How about a naked acrobatic, gravity-defying classical graduate from The Juilliard School. Ugh. C’mon Norman, who cares.

  • Milkaa says:

    Musician – be careful with your wishes. Remember, China and Curtis gave the world
    Lang Lang and it may take a generation or two to get over that gift.,heaven only
    knows what show biz graduate star
    Juilliard would unleash on the world .