Ultra-rare film: Chaplin and Casals come to honour the most elevated of pianists

Archive film has been released of the day Clara Haskil was admitted to the Légion d’honneur.

Click here to watch the procession of admirers.

haskil chaplin




h/t: Frédéric Gaussin

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  • Clara Haskil living for a long time with her cat and rented piano, was a modest foil to the glitz that is expected of today’s pianists. She just quietly delivered the goods without fanfare but with a great deal of intensity.
    For example, the slow movement of Schubert’s last Bb sonata usually brings out the kleenex for listeners but it is possible to be similarly moved by her playing the other movements. Being also skilled on the violin gave her peculiar insight as to phrasing and her trills likewise were crafted as though by a goldsmith, each one was different. We should see more of her like, but it probably won’t happen soon.

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