ForEx trading chief gives it up for love of opera

There is a cautionary story in Bloomberg about Kevin Rodgers, who resigned three months ago as global head of foreign-exchange trading at Deutsche Bank AG in London.

Today – tonight, more precisely – he’s singing opera in pubs, clubs, wherever he can get a gig.

Kevin, 52, is a bass-baritone. He has left it a bit late to get started, but there are plenty of roles for the older man, all the way up to Ochs and Falstaff.

Read his story on Bloomberg here.

kevin rodgers trader opera


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  • When I first put this uniform on,
    I said, as I looked in the glass,
    I’ll make you a wager
    That no Forex trader
    My figure or form will surpass!

  • Well, you should do what you love. He chose to be happy and that is the important part. I think he needs to do what he wants at his age. Trading is wonderful but if you love opera more then you just have to give it up. 🙂

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