The London Philharmonic learn to dance as they play

This is a Riverdance rehearsal for the current tour with Igudesman and Joo, posted by LPO cellist Elisabeth Wiklander.

Click here to enjoy.

There has to be a comeback from the LSO….


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  • There must be some kind of curse here? Just like the previous Igudesman & Joo clip on SD, this one’s not available either.

    Presumably you have to pay actual money to go and see them live 😉

  • Music is – literally – becoming a Joke. Cant anybody come up with other sustainable strategies to preserve the art form? I fear that yes, perhaps orchestras wont disappear and concert halls wont stop presenting concerts, but – is the music we will hear in 50 years going to be actual classical music? or is classical music going to be an alternative for people looking for comedy stand ups, easy listening and background noise?

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