Sony’s opera loses half its budget

Sony’s opera loses half its budget


norman lebrecht

September 05, 2014

We hear from Russia that the Perm opera state budget has been slashed from $2 million this year to $1 million next, a sign of deteriorating economic conditions. Perm is where the conductor Theodor Currentzis is recording the Mozart-Da Ponte operas for Sony Classical.

Currentzis’s share of the concert calendar is also being reduced.


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  • Oracle says:

    Are you sure that it’s just deteriorating economic conditions? Sounds more like a political hunt against anti-formalistic art.

    • Neil McGowan says:

      Yes of course, it’s a vile pinko witch-hunt against Mozart.


      • Oracle says:

        Of course it’s not about Mozart, but the way Mr. Currentzis and his company is working in an innovative and cutting-edge way. He’s style is rather avantgardist, even in Mozart – and foremost: a great quantity of musicians in Perm are foreigners. Doesn’t really fit in the hyper-nationalistic events in Russia at the moment.

        • Neil McGowan says:

          I’ve been to Perm many times, and have never encountered this gathering of foreign musicians you mention.

        • Neil McGowan says:

          Doesn’t really fit in the hyper-nationalistic events in Russia at the moment.

          How very odd, then, that Currentzis was recently made a Russian citizen – by the unusual step of President Putin making a Decree in person about this case??

  • Anonymus says:

    Maybe the local audience attendance regarding Currentzis, as well as his personal relations with the regional oligarchs might give us clues?
    Is he liked by the locals as much as he is liked by the international “have-seen-it-all-need-new-excitements-to-brawl-about-at-the-champagne-bar” crowd?