Soloist leaves his trumpet on the train

The Danish jazz trumpeter Per Nielsen has advertised in the Neue Zürcher Zeitung for the return of his prized instrument.

He left it on the S 9 from Bonstetten to Zurich. Contact his website if you catch sight of it.

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  • How embarrassing…. why are musicians so careless about their instruments? Head in the clouds? The other day I found a trombone on the circle line tube, and a month ago in the train I found myself sitting on what had been a viola, apparantly already badly squeezed by former sittees. In Janurary, my aunt Clara was badly hurt by falling over a bassoon at Sloane Square. Music is in decline.

  • The story goes that many years ago, the 16 trombonists engaged for a London performance of Berlioz’s Grande Messe des Morts met after the show for a well-earned libation. Waking up (late) the next morning, one of the players realised that he’d left his instrument behind. Panicking, he rang the pub and asked if it was there. The landlord asked if he could describe it as there were several lying about the bar.

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