‘Sex offence’ conductor is suspended from his post

‘Sex offence’ conductor is suspended from his post


norman lebrecht

September 11, 2014

Joseph Cullen, former head of the LSO Chorus who has been charged with sex offences in Glasgow, has been suspended from his position with the Huddersfield Choral Society. Statement follows.


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Statement concerning the position of The Huddersfield Choral Society’s Chorus Master

The Huddersfield Choral Society has today suspended its Chorus Master, Joseph Cullen following his appearance at Glasgow Sheriff Court on Monday during which he was charged with two counts of lewd, indecent and libidinous practices and behaviour.

The Officers of The Choral Society have taken immediate steps to suspend Mr Cullen to protect the interests of The Society and its members pending the legal outcome of the allegations.

The Society is not aware of any instances of misconduct during Mr Cullen’s association with the Choir and as such, has nothing more to add at this stage but will update this statement as soon as the outcome of the case is known or if anything material occurs in the meantime.

Preparations for The Society’s next concert on October 31st, along with all other musical matters, will continue without interruption.


  • Jonathan Grieves-Smith says:

    A fine musician and a man innocent until proven guilty who deserves, as all do, the best of us and from us.

  • another conductor says:

    The society have done the right thing. How on earth can a working relationship between conductor and musicians be at all successful with this hanging over them in rehearsal and performances?
    They are wise to take this action – particularly in view of the Youth chorus under their membership

  • rob says:

    Joseph is a fine man. An upstanding and honest man. Suspension might be the right thing until this is sorted but given what he has contributed to the music industry I hope they welcome him back as quickly as they dumped him!! I have absolutely no doubt that Joseph will be acquitted of all charges and the people who have suggested his crimes be found out for what they are!

    • CC says:

      On June 17 2015, Joseph Cullen appeared at The High Court of Glasgow. He pleaded GUILTY to 2 counts of serious sexual offences and will be sentenced on July 23 2015.

    • KG says:

      I hope that you are reflecting long and hard right now. You have showed yourself up with your blind faith and condemnation of anyone daring to challenge you on this matter. ‘I have no doubt’ …. ‘Could never be guilty’. It is reactions like this that contribute to the pain of many victims who feel they can’t come forward and challenge this type of abuse and continue to live in torment.

  • Kipatya ghat says:

    Very sensible decision. The society will stand and fall on its own merits and must not be swayed by personal loyalty. It exists for its members and for the communities and audiences it serves. Whatever the outcome of this it will do the choir no good to be associated with issues of child abuse, innocent or guilty – we must not fall into the trap of defence or accusation at this stage.

  • Na says:

    What the press haven’t reported is that in Scotland the law is different. To be arrested there doesn’t need to be a case against you purely allegations. Not everybody knows this. He is a fine musician and one of the most morally correct persons I have ever encounted.

  • yet another conductor says:

    only six people have felt the need to voice their opinion on this situation… some showing some bias before any conclusion… everyone thought jimmy saville was a great guy… working tirelessly for charities etc… the year is 2014….can you truly know anyone unless you spend every moment with the person? innocent until proven guilty is the way it should be..and personally I think the accused should have anonymity in such cases… but if you think you know someone……think again…. we should respect the accused and victims silently and respectfully….equally.

  • Una says:

    Yes, Joseph should be allowed anonymity until proved otherwise. Scottish Law is certainly different and let’s hope it gets sorted out quickly. I have known and worked with him for a very long time, and it is all very sad. As many would say, there are only losers in this kind of situation.

  • Once Abused says:

    This man was a [redacted] choir master at a Catholic boys’ prep school that I attended – no mention of his teaching at St Hugh’s Prep School in his biography. [redacted]