Scotland’s top composer cries ‘No!’… then the video gets taken down

Scotland’s top composer cries ‘No!’… then the video gets taken down


norman lebrecht

September 16, 2014

James MacMillan is the country’s foremost living composer. He has good reason to reject its dis-integration.

james macmillan no

UPDATE: Hours after posting, the video was ‘removed by the user’.

SECOND UPDATE: We’ve been assured it was not MacMIllan who took down the video but someone from the ‘No’ campaign. we await clarification.


  • Frank says:

    Knowing that two of every three pounds for arts funding stays within the city limits of London, not only Scotland but the rest of England should demand independence.

  • David Ward says:

    J M has prior form in this debate and probably need not be taken too seriously, whether you support yes, no or neither.

    • Neil McGowan says:

      McMillan used to be a radical socialist atheist, of course. But when he realised there was no money in that, he packed it in – and became a robust Conservative believer instead. He found that paid so very much better, that he has stuck to that ever since.

      His former fellow socialists – Miliband, Brown, Straw, and Two-Jags – along with worn-out glitterati like Eddie Izzard – have all been seen heading for Scotland this week, to support the Conservative agenda.


      “Socialist” principles are now selling at two Scottish pounds per hundredweight.

  • Anne says:

    The situation is too complex for simplistic solutions, facetious or not.

    Subsidy per attendance tells a different story.