Scorpions grieve for manager

Scorpions grieve for manager


norman lebrecht

September 03, 2014

The German rock group that once recorded and toured with the Berlin Philharmonic lament the death of their manager, Peter Amend.

The collaboration in 2000 was once of the strangest and most desperate in the history of music, and Amend was behind the deal.




Am 1. September 2014 ist unser Freund PETER AMEND von uns gegangen. 
Für uns war PETER AMEND mehr als nur Manager und wirtschaftlicher und juristischer Berater. Er war ein wichtiger Teil der Scorpions, der mit seinem unendlichen Wissen und seiner Sensibilität für die Musik auch ein Impulsgeber der künstlerischen und strategischen Entscheidungen unserer Band wurde.
Nicht zuletzt seinem Einfluss und seinem Rat verdanken wir die großen internationalen Erfolge der letzten Jahre. 
PETER, you will always be in our hearts forever and a day.
R.I.P. Deine Scorpions
Klaus, Rudolf, Matthias, Pawel, James

On September 1st 2014, our dear friend PETER AMEND passed away.
PETER AMEND was more than just a manager and economic and legal consultant for us. He was an important part of the Scorpions and was also a driving force in the artistic and strategic decisions of the Band with his infinite knowledge and his sensitivity to the music. 
Due to his advice and influence we achieved great international success in recent years.
PETER you will always be in our hearts forever and a day.
R.I.P. Yours Scorpions
Klaus, Rudolf, Matthias, Pawel, James


  • Paul Mann says:

    Dear Norman, why report this only to attack him? Not one of your finest moments, I’m sorry to say.

    • norman lebrecht says:

      Not an attack on him. It was the BPhil and EMI that were at fault.

      • Paul Mann says:

        “The collaboration in 2000 was once of the strangest and most desperate in the history of music, and Amend was behind the deal.” Sounded like an attack to me – glad it wasn’t intended that way. I didn’t hear the BPO thing so I have no bone to pick about that.

  • Erich says:

    As someone vaguely involved with that project at the time, it is my understanding that EMI was able to fund a considerable number of very serious classical recordings with the revenues derived from that recording. That was the intention of such crossovers – using the revenue from high yielding recordings to bankroll the large number of very low – or even loss making – recordings elsewhere.

  • John Borstlap says:

    The picture with the caricature of Sir Simon Rattle is especially worrying.

  • Erich says:

    No – it was actually supposed to be a caricature of those people – particularly music journalists – the only ones who neither paid for their tickets nor their CD’s, but made their not-inconsiderable living by writing about them – but who nevertheless railed against those sort of projects, not realising that they would soon be out of business themselves if they managed to kill the industry funding them (which despite Mr.Lebrecht’s prognoses is still not the case!!!).

  • Tom says:

    Now that Amend is gone maybe a new manager will make amends with radio stations in the USA and Canada. Mainly clear channel that distanced themselves from Amend. Bring the Scorps music, the oldies and especially the new stuff to the airwaves . Todays kids are really searching out the music of yesterday because they have finally realized that the pop and hip hop of today is not the real deal . Kids today in Europe and Japan all know of the Scorps music dating back to the 70’s . Pictured Life , Speedyscoming , We’ll Burn The Sky . Its time for the kids in the USA and Canada to hear these gems on the air waves and gain new and younger fans , Also to maybe wake up the Rock and Roll Hall of Shame of the bands existence and also stop calling a band that’s coming up on being around for 50 years a hair band !