Roberto Alagna: I’m going to sing Wagner with Netrebko

Roberto Alagna: I’m going to sing Wagner with Netrebko


norman lebrecht

September 21, 2014

The French tenor says he’s discussing a Lohengrin at Bayreuth, with Anna Netrebko, conducted by Christian Thielemann. ‘If he thinks I can do it,’says Roberto, ‘it’s going to happen.’

He adds that his partner, the international Polish soprano Aleksandra Kurzak, has been helping him with his German. ‘It’s great to have such a fantastic wife,’ he exclaims, in a Vienna tabloid interview.

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  • Petros Linardos says:

    Question to those of you who know more about voices: is Lohengrin a good fit for Alagna and Netrebko?

  • Sebastian Petit says:

    If they put in the work on the German (and that’s a big if) I don’t see why not

    • Nicholas Clapton says:

      It’s quite simple, really. They do NOT have the right kinds of voices to sing these roles. Alagna will never (have the burnished, silver sound needed for Lohengrin, and as for Netrebko singing Wagner, oh, dear! I suppose she would believe that after Lady Macbeth, Elsa is easy (unless the intention is to cast her as Ortrud!!!) – good God, when will singers and managements learn some sense?!

  • Milka says:

    Headline that comes to mind…..
    “Alagna & Netrebko play Wagner,
    Wagner looses “.

  • Tristan says:

    you must be joking, neither of them will sing those roles as they simply don’t fit – their German is not only the problem, they don’t have the voices for those roles. Will great Anna Netrebko will alos sing the Marschallin after??? Why on earth asking such a duo if you have much better ones? When will we finally get managers again who understand what they do??? Time has come to choose the right singers for particular roles? Domingo as Luna was already something odd in Salzburg, a typical Pereira casting though Berlin has asked him before. It seems they can only fill their houses with so called star-studded castings even if it does not fit at all….The Italian press has written ‘il piu celebre non-baritone del mondo’. Sad for one of the greatest singers we ever heard!!! Don’t forget in Salzburg you pay EUR 480,– per seat it if you want to sit close to the huge stage. Time has come we get again some managers with certain skills!

  • Novagerio says:

    Alagna, the ex mr.Gheorghiu had the nerve to protest against Zeffirelli at the Met’s last Traviata some 10 years ago in order to recommend his own brother as director instead. Now, do you for once imagine him with or without that overrated goose Netrebko taking part of “Regi-Theater” in Bayreuth? Yes, the word is out but apparently, even Bayreuth are desperate for media attention:,1,0.html

  • VonEssek says:

    Well, if Thielemann thinks they can, I guess they can…