Piano crashes into sports car

Piano crashes into sports car


norman lebrecht

September 08, 2014

A driver in the mountain town of Dalnegorsk, north of Vladivostock, crashed into a truck that was carrying a piano to the concert hall for the evening’s performance by Yuri Bogdanov.


The driver was killed. The piano was detained at the site during a lengthy police investigation.

Photo from lapizusa.com


UPDATE: It looks like we have been miseld. The picture is from an insurance advertisement.

Allstate Bad Luck Piano from Cristian Duran on Vimeo.


  • That is not a sports car.

  • Rgiarola says:

    It is the cover of L2 new album. The name is “My favorites faster machines”. The backcover has his pic aside Paul Walker.

  • Paul says:

    perhaps you might wish to clarify that the photo of the piano is not actually from that event, but from an insurance advertisement. cute: