Ottawa retires its music critic

Ottawa retires its music critic


norman lebrecht

September 04, 2014

In Ottawa, a replacement has been appointed for Richard Todd, 70, who retires unwillingly.

Read his account (which the Ottawa Citizen would not publish) by clicking here.

richard todd


  • Richard Todd says:

    I’m happy to have attracted Norman’s attention, but this isn’t quite the spin I would have given the situation. It’s true that I was informed rather than consulted, but while I was disappointed by the decision, and especially that they didn’t print my farewell, I understand their reasoning in both cases. Of course I don’t agree with them, but all in all the Citizen has been good to me for the better part of three decades.

  • CDH says:

    So who’s the replacement? Can’t find anything online.

    Richard Todd will be GREATLY missed. Mr.Todd — thanks for all of it.