Now the cannabis orchestra drops dress code and admits cocktails

The Colorado Symphony, in a state that has legalised cannabis, was the first to announce pot concerts.

Now it’s taking two steps further to relaxing the atmosphere. Musicians will no longer wear tuxedos and alcoholic drinks can be brought into the hall.

(By anyone, except the musicians).


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  • Sensible moves! Letting patrons enjoy their drinks in the hall opens up a lot of sales potential for those who would like to enjoy a nice glass of wine at a concert but don’t want to gulp it back over a short intermission.

    I should note that we’ve been doing both of these things at the Kitchener Waterloo Symphony for a few years – there are even cup holders on the backs of seats at Centre in the Square for the convenience of imbibing patrons. Black suits for men, all black for women is standard dress for most of our evening subscription concerts, though we still wear tails for some special occasions and tuxes for pops concerts.

  • I always take my own bottle of water in – even if it states I am not allowed and even if I get stopped. If there would be a constant problem taking my bottle in, I’d never attend that venue again. So far only Openhaus Zürich got close to be off my cultural menu, but I learnt how to avoid their dragon at the door I usually use to get to my seat. Will test them again soon 🙂

  • I go to hear this orchestra in concert and I’m really ambivilant about what the orchestra wears, but there’s still some kind of uniform involved.

    “The changes start as the new season kicks off Sept 18, with Beethoven’s Ninth on the program and without the male musicians in the tuxedos they have worn since the city’s orchestra began playing in 1934. Instead, they will wear black suits — black jackets, ties, shirts and pants.

    Female musicians will have the same all-black dress code they’ve long had, which allows them to choose between dresses and skirts or pants.”

    As to food and drink, I never understand why people who have probably enjoyed drinks and a full dinner just an hour before then need to stock up at the bar to take in more food to eat and drink during the Beethoven. Guess I’ll have to put up with that. Hopefully no food will come wrapped in noisy cellophane and no drinks will get spilled on me. Oh, and I don’t think I’ve seen popcorn for sale, thank God!

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