Maestro marries concertmaster

Our social affairs editor reports the wedding of Tomasz Golka, chief conductor of the Riverside Philharmonic (California) and Orquesta Sinfónica Nacional de Colombia in Bogotá, to Anna Kostyuchek, associate concertmaster of Riverside Philharmonic. We wish them much happiness.


tomas wedding

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  • Congratulations indeed! But I wonder if any other poster here is concerned at the vastly overused term “Maestro!” It seems to be universally applied to any conductor who leads any orchestra – and quite a few who simply freelance around the world. I read it in the conductor biographies in virtually every concert programme I attend. Surely the term should be reserved for the very few conductors who truly deserve the honorific?

  • The actual history of the term Maestro quite literally means teacher.
    So, in a wide definition, most conductors do teach from the podium. The amount and type of teaching depends on the ensemble.

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