Los Angeles faces crunch year in 2019

Placido Domingo has just renewed his contract at LA Opera until 2019, when he will be 78. The CEO Christopher Koelsch has been renewed to 2018.

domingo 2014


In 2019, contracts are up at the Los Angeles Philharmonic Orchestra and Hollywood Bowl for its powerful president Deborah Borda and its sought-after conductor, Gustavo Dudamel.

Opportunity knocks for the next generation.



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  • “Opportunity knocks for the next generation.”

    Dudamel IS the next generation. If they get any younger, they’d have to shake their rattles as batons.

  • Plácido Domingo is good for Los Angeles Opera.

    He has been involved since 1984 and 1985, when as a guest with the touring ROHCG and Deutsche Oper Berlin he participated in grounding work with the late Peter Hemmings and others, leading to the launch of the company in fall 1986.

    If he does nothing else, let him stay active with LA Opera as long as he can!

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