Hot video: Orchestra receives news of its next conductor

Hot video: Orchestra receives news of its next conductor


norman lebrecht

September 03, 2014

You can’t fake it. This was Monday  morning…
Luisi Fabio - C Barbara Luisi_thumb_thumb


  • ruben greenberg says:

    Who says orchestra musicians are jaded? That are a lot of women in this orchestra; that helps.

    • Doug says:

      Oh really? So the best musical and artistic skill are not the most important factor? Let’s make the lowest common denominator the standard…Marxist dupe.

      • Ks. Christopher Robson says:

        I am sorry, but that sort of remark really uncalled for, and just an insult to anyone’s intelligence. 🙁 Mr Greenberg was obviously being humorous. He’s also hinting in the right direction, as they are a definitely NOT jaded orchestra, indeed they are a very good orchestra made up of musicians who actually enjoy going to work every day 🙂

  • Prewartreasure says:

    Wonderful, helt vidunderlige!

  • Anthony Kershaw says:

    Love it.

    It six months, metaphorically, they’ll be wanting to carve his intestines out with a spoon 🙂

    Same with almost every orchestra. Not many better complainers than orchestral musicians. 😉

    • Gerhard says:

      Orchestra bashing is so much fun, and you can never go wrong. If they are in a fight with conductor or management, they obviously deserve it, but should they show enthusiasm about anything or anyone, even more so. And you can always substitute your prejudices for personal experience. In fact, it gets even better that way. Orchestra bashing may not be all that sporting, more like shooting fish in a barrel, but heck, it’s fun nevertheless!

  • Edgar Brenninkmeyer says:

    Good for them! Looks like there will be some very excellent concert seasons ahead in Copenhagen. Might well be worth to fly via Copenhagen on SAS on future trips from San Francisco to Europe and spend a day or two just to hear this fine band. A propos orchestra bashing: there is another term for it, in German -“beckmessern” I’d rather share the joy of the musicians than engage sourly in the latter. Cheers!

    • Michael Schaffer says:

      “Beckmessern” doesn’t mean orchestra bashing, it just means to nitpick, to pick apart, to nag in general – after the character in Die Meistersinger.

  • Lloyd Arriola says:

    This is an excellent orchestra, and it looks like they are truly enthusiastic about Fabio Luisi, a tremendous conductor. May this be a good, happy marriage.

  • Ks. Christopher Robson says:

    I don’t quite understand why Norman has put this up now, as the news broke at the beginning of the month and this clip from YouTube did the rounds on Facebook about 3rd or 4th of September. Maybe it is to try and bolster some support for Mr Luisi? Well, if so, then I heartily endorse it!!!

    I can also say, via a couple of friends in Copenhagen, that the orchestra REALLY ARE enthusiastic about Mr Luisi’s appointment, and are more than happy to bring him permanently (if such a word has any relevance at all regarding Music Directors nowadays) in to their fold. The sentiments expressed in the video are absolutely genuine. They have worked with him a lot in recent years, and unquestionably admire, respect, and like him (a lot). From what I have heard they also feel, probably rightly so, that the feeling is mutual. Lucky them, I say. And lucky Fabio Luisi to have the prospect of a few years fun with musicians who not only like him, but also understand his worth and what he has to offer !!!

    • Ks. Christopher Robson says:

      Oh, my apologies to Norman for criticising his timing. But it was relatively old, albeit exciting and commendable, news 🙂