Early music maestro moves to Netherlands

We hear that Jordi Savall has bought a place in Utrecht.

The  Utrecht Early Music Festival recently sacked its founder-director.

Make of this what you will.


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  • Dear Norman: one kind rectification, Nuchelmans wasn’t saced from the Utrecht Early Music Festival l but from the Bachfestival Dordrecht. A completely different one.

  • Dear Mr. Lebrecht,

    Could you rectifie this topic? You make a mistake. You mixed up the Utrecht Early Music Festival (of which Mr. Nuchelmans is co-founder) and Bachfestival Dordrecht.

    I saw Mr. Nuchelmans at many concerts during the recent Utrecht Festival (29/8 – 7/7). As far as I can judge, he is on good terms with the actual Festival Director Xavier Vandamme and spoke well of him at Dutch National Radio at the end of the festival.

    Much more interesting is that the 2015 Festival of Ancient Music in Utrecht (the biggest in the world) will be dedicated to Great-Britain (whatever that will be in a year time…), theme: Out of the shadows of Händel.

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