Concertmaster wins George Enescu Competition

Concertmaster wins George Enescu Competition


norman lebrecht

September 19, 2014

The concertmaster of the Mannheim Philharmonic has been declared winner of the violin section of the revitalised event in Bucharest.

Stefan Tarara, 28, adds this trophy to a hatful of previous prizes collected over the past three years.

The jury was chaired by Pierre Amoyal.

Stefan’s teacher, Zakhar Bron, was not on it.




  • Hurray! An unbiased result….I hope.

    • Max Grimm says:

      I guess everyone can decide for themselves…

      Violin Section:
      – 6 Semifinalists, 4 of them are/were students of jury members (3 of Pierre Amoyal, 1 of Mihaela Martin).
      – 3 Finalists, only 1 of them a current student of Pierre Amoyal (he takes second place). First and third place are awarded to violinists, who have not studied with any of the jury members.

      Cello Section:
      – 6 Semifinalists, 2 of them students of jury members.
      – 3 Finalists, 1 of them a student of a jury member (winning 3rd place). First and Second go to two Americans who are not and were never students of any of the jury members.

      Piano and Composition Sections are still ongoing.

      • Richard says:

        Are you a clairvoyant? The Cello final is this evening.

        • Richard says:

          Actually, my bad, not even this evening. Tomorrow evening!

          • Max Grimm says:

            Sorry, you are correct. After looking over the violin section site, I just wrote down the names of the three finalists. As the cello site and violin site share the same format, I didn’t even notice the absence of “First Prize” “Second Prize” etc. and took the alphabetically listed finalists as being “ranked” already.

  • Lancelot says:

    But he is not Korean!!!!

  • Mary Brown says:

    Who won 2nd? A student of Amoyal?

    • That’s a great question.

    • Max Grimm says:

      Yes. His name is Fedor Rudin (French-Russian) and he is currently a student of Amoyal (previously having studied with Larissa Kolos, Miroslav Roussine, Svetlin Roussev and Zakhar Bron). Third price went to South Korean violinist Wonhee Bae who has not studied with anyone on the jury (nor has she studied with Zakhar Bron).

  • Milka says:

    Boring Fileclerk- not to dash your hopes …
    Does or did Amoyal not head up the
    Conservatory of Lausanne and wasn’t
    Bron on the faculty at one time or another … this violin world just gets curiouser curiouser……..

  • Mary Brown says:

    2nd prize goes to Fedor Roudine (currently studying with Amoyal and a former longtime student of Bron). The recent winner of numerous competitions, this young man knows the formula to win at the “violin competition” game. Practice like the Asians AND study with the most famous jerks in the violin teaching business!! It helps that he is not a Korean girl, but a Russian/French boy. Just expressing the dirty truth! So you think it’s an unbiased result? Hardly.