Commercial break: Two ways to make a classical best-seller

Commercial break: Two ways to make a classical best-seller


norman lebrecht

September 08, 2014

1. Get thrown off a plane with your instrument.

2 Run a promotion on Slipped Disc.

Time for Three have done both. In May this year the string trio were ejected from a US Air flight after staff refused to board their instruments. They promptly made this runway video. It went viral.

time for three

Today, Time For Three launch their first Universal Music Classics album in Europe, featuring guest appearances from Alisa Weilerstein, Branford Marsalis, Joshua Radin and more.

The album is promoted on the front page of Slipped Disc.

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We recommend Time for Three as the best thing to hit the string trio since Kronos changed the string quartet forever. They are young, virguosic and unafraid. You don’t need to like crossover to appreciate what they do to Norwegian Wood.

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  • Bill H. says:

    My son almost missed his conservatory audition in Boston a couple of years ago because the gate attendant for his USeless Air flight wouldn’t let him on the plane with his violin, and threatened to throw my wife off as well when she protested. They wanted him to check it into the baggage hold. The only thing that saved the situation was a thoughtful flight attendant who offered storage space for it up in the front of the cabin–kudos to her, but we’ve made it a point never to fly USeless Air with his instrument. From now on, we fly JetBlue to/from Boston, have never had a problem since.

  • Jane A. says:

    So glad you’ve finally found Time for Three. I’ve been a fan since they started – that’s fully a decade ago.