Better news of Kenny Wheeler

Better news of Kenny Wheeler


norman lebrecht

September 15, 2014

We reported last week that the great jazz trumpeter is unwell and unable to afford the necessary care. Quite a few of our readers have helped out.

Here’s what we’ve heard today from Kenny’s son, Mark:





My Dad was moved from the care home into hospital a couple of weeks ago. We were able to pay for his stay in the home through a combination of family funds, donations from friends and fans as well as (in the end) social services.   
The generosity of friends and Jazz fans alike has been overwhelming and we thank everyone who has helped not only financially but also by sending their best wishes, visiting him and offering to help in any other way that they could. We would not have been able to keep him in the care home for as long as we did without their help. 
The situation with my Dad now is that we are waiting for the results of tests from the hospital. We should have these over the next few days. It is likely that we will need to look for a nursing home for him when he is discharged from hospital. Hopefully social services will contribute to these costs although that is a discussion that we still need to have.
Regarding my Mum it was thought that she would have to have an operation but her doctors decided in the end to treat her with medication and this seems to be working. Again with the support of her family, friends, and now, social services she is back in the family home and being monitored.    
One of the problems we have had is that when you get ill at their age (84 and 81) your health and medical requirements seem to change every few days and it is hard to keep everybody up to date.


You can write to Kenny at There is a Paypal button but Mark says he doesn’t want people to fell they have to send money. Good wishes are just as welcome.